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These are few of my favourite links - some are very useful for researching Scottish and clan history, and some are just pretty cool!

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Clan Watson Societies

Clan Watson Society International Had to put this one at the top really, didn't I? 
Note: AOL have taken down their webhosting service, so this link no longer works. I will post up the new link once Elaine has transferred the site to a new host.
Clan Watson Society of Canada They've only just started on their website, but it contains interesting info on their research into the last chief and his heirs
Clayton Cannaday's Watson website A great website that's pulled together Watson info from several of the other Watson websites. Clayton's aim is to unite Watsons the world over in a common goal of sharing knowledge and information on the surname

Other Clans

Links to the websites of other Scottish Clans

Clan Buchanan The clan to which Clan Watson is most closely linked - we are a sept of the Buchanans
Clan Forbes Clan Forbes is also associated with Clan Watson, and is the clan to which we are closest after the Buchanans

Family History

Upload your family tree to the first two websites listed here and you'll soon find members of your extended family getting in contact. Careful, though - it can very quickly mushroom!
They are also available in .com versions, which may be more useful for overseas users.

Genes Reunited The one I've had the most success with - you can quickly build up a list of contacts here!
ancestry.co.uk Ancestry has a much nicer user interface than Genes Reunited, and they have just launched a DNA database
dna.ancestry.com The DNA database section of ancestry - worth doing if you can spare the cash!
Ysearch Another DNA database - either get your DNA test done through them or, perhaps more sensibly, get it done through dna.ancestry.com and then upload them to Ysearch for free
FreeBMD Brilliant website that I've recently discovered that is attempting to digitise all England and Wales BMD records since 1837 and to provide free access to all. Well worth checking out!
FreeCEN Similar to FreeBMD, but covers England and Wales census information. A bit sparse to be of much use at the moment, but that will change as more records are added
Family Search The only source that I can find for 1881 England and Wales census information. Also includes the 1880 US and 1881 Canadian census, as well an impressive amount of global BMD data
1901 Census You have to pay for this one, but it is a great source of England and Wales census information. Save your searches up into batches to make full use of your credits, as they expire after a week!
1911 Census Another pay-per-view website, this time covering the 1911 England and Wales census, which has just come on line. Be warned that transcription of all 1911 census records is not yet complete, but is expected to be so towards the end of 2009. Check out here for information on how to maximise free searches and how to save 10% on credits.
thePeerage.com A very comprehensive genealogical database of the peerage of Britain and royal families of Europe. It's where I found all my information on the last chief's family tree. Also has a discussion board, but its one slight failing is a lack of geographical data

Heraldry, Tartan, Clan Crests, etc

The Court of The Lord Lyon The heraldic authority for Scotland - if your clan isn't registered with the Court, it isn't a clan!

General Scottish and Clan History

Electric Scotland Handy one-stop site for Scottish and Clan history, with lots of handy links
ScotsFind Huge number of databases containing old Scottish records. Excellent resource for researching Scottish ancestry, and completely free access to all records! Unfortunately, the site is currently unavailable, so the link is now the cached version.

Tartan and Other Clothing

I'll only include links to companies that I've used or have been recommended - don't want to go giving the nod to any old tat!

Savile Row Kilts Lochcarron's London outlet. Appointment only, but well worth a visit - quality garments at Scottish prices, and Andrew is the perfect host!

Scottish Goods

Again, this section only contains links to companies that I've used or have been recommended

Ardtaraig Fine Foods I can vouch for their live oysters - best I've ever tasted, and delivered to my office in London the morning after I ordered!

Discussion Boards

Links to a few of my favourite on-theme discussion boards

Clan Watson Forum The forum for this here website. Go on - sign up! The more people that sign up, the more use it will be!
scotland.com Forum This board's fairly quiet, but has a wide range of topics
Scottish History Forum There are some great history threads on this board, but enter at your peril. There seem to be ongoing issues with some of their banned users, who keep popping up under various guises. I've been banned because, apparently, I remind the guy that runs the forums of somebody that he once fell out with. My advice would be: sign up, read the historical threads, but under no circumstances post anything - they'll come down on you like a ton of bricks!


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