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Watson Family Interactive Map

To further enhance the Clan Watson Family Tree Project, I've added this interactive map to the site to show the locations of the various Watsons mentioned on this website.

If you think the map's too big, give me a shout - if enough people do so, I'll make it smaller! If you're having trouble viewing it embedded in the page, click on the link at the bottom to open it in a separate window!

The key is as follows:
Green Drawing Pin People on the mailing list
Coloured Flags People shown on the Family Tree Charts page
Different colour flags denote the different family groups
Coloured Flags with Dots The last descendent shown in a particular family group
In general, this is the last shown descendent of the person who submitted the tree

If you've not used Google maps before, navigation is simple - either use the controls at the top left of the map, or hold down the left mouse button to move around and use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

I've not included any details of those on the mailing list, other than a general indication of location. If any of you would like me to add more information, let me know! Similarly, if you'd like your ancestors to be included on the map, or their locations to be more precise, drop me a line!

View Clan Watson Map in a larger map


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