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Watson Family Trees

The Clan Watson Family Tree Project (see below) has now started to take off, and I've started to upload trees that have been submitted to me.

I'm presenting the data in two formats, and index of names and graphically.

I would suggest that if you're checking the data for a connection to your own tree that you start with the index. This lists everybody who is shown on the charts page in alphabetical order and gives summary birth and death information. If you find a potential match in the index, click on that person's name to be taken to their family tree on the charts page to check for a true match.

To submit your own family tree data, or to report matches, use the contact page.

To submit a request for help with your family tree research, use the help requests page.

Family Tree of the Last Clan Chief

There is, understandably, a lot of interest in the last Chief of Clan Watson. I have put together what I can of his family tree, although I'm struggling to find the information on his sons and ancestors that is required to pursue a line to any potential living heirs to his title.

The last chief's tree, showing as many of his descendents as I've been able to track so far, is available here: Watson Chief's Family Tree

I've recently uncovered some more information on his wife, which I'm still in the process of digesting. I'll amend his tree and post it up again once I'm done.

I'll try to get some information on his ancestors, too, but I think it may be difficult!

For more information on the last chief, including the search for a successor, pay a visit to the Clan Chief page.

Introducing the Clan Watson Family Tree Project!

Okay, so here's an idea (inspired by Mark Watson of Dorchester - see blog) - instead of this page relying solely on me digging out historical information from old records and piecing together the information into fragments of family trees, how's about you lot chipping in?

This site's received a few hundred visits now, and I'm sure a few of those visitors have details of their ancestors, even if they only go back a generation or two.

I'm quite happy to collect people's family tree data and attempt to assemble it all into one, massive master tree, but obviously I need the data in the first place in order to do so!

If you're interested, get hold of me through the Contact Page and you can send me your information. I'll keep it on file, and once I get enough data from enough trees a I'll start to publish the results.

I'll apply the following rules:

  • I won't make details of any living relatives public unless specifically asked to
  • You can ask to see exactly what data that you've submitted I'm holding on you and your relatives at any time
  • I'll delete any information individuals submit to me upon request
  • If two people's trees meet up through living relatives, I'll contact the affected parties and obtain permission from both before sharing details of the link with them

    So - who's in? You never know, if you submit your details you might find out that you've got relatives alive somewhere in the world that you never even knew existed!


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