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Watson Family Tree Research - Requests for Help

This page lists requests for help that I received from visitors to the site. Take a look and, if you recognise any of the names and can provide assistance, let me know and I'll pass on your contact details.

If you have reached a brick wall in your own research, use the contact page to send me the details of where you're at and I'll post them here. The more details, either confirmed or suspected, the better!

Live Help Requests

Name Born Died Father Mother Spouse Children Siblings Notes
George Edward Watson c. 1860, Bexleyheath, Kent, England 1913? Edward Thomas Watson? Emma? Sarah Mary Field Henry Alfred ("Harry"), George D, Marguerite, Gertrude, Beatrice, Thomas Edward, Rhoda M, Florence, Frederick Charles, Kathleen Thomas?, Elizabeth?,
Henry A?
Looking to confirm his parents
John Watson 17/01/1916, Rutherglen, Scotland ? ? ? ? ? ?  
Melvin Dale Watson ? 1949 ? ? ? ? ? Served as radio man on an escort ship to the USS Missouri in WW2

I've also had a request Lorraine Turnbull, ex of Scotland, now living in Cornwall, who's looking for her old best pal, Marilyn Watson. Marilyn is about 50, used to work in the Royal Museum of Scotland, and her last known address was Haddington. She used to be married to a Mr Watson who ran a B&B or boarding house between Edinburgh and Joppa, but they divorced in the 80s. Marilyn has three kids, all grown up now, by the names of Cameron, Moray and Catherine. If anybody knows Marilyn, drop me a line with her agreement and I'll forward her details on to Lorraine. Thanks all!


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